Heroes of Mystara

Family Reunion
17th Tharumont - 2nd Flaurmont AC1002

Leaving Luln in order to leave the Iron Ring behind them, the group travel to Kelvin, with the intent to move further north in search of new adventures.

In Kelvin they encounter Stephan, the elder brother of Brother Aaron who is looking for guards to help drive a herd of horses from his home, Sukiskyn to Rifflian for sale.

Spending a week in the town in study or training while waiting for a river boat to take them towards their new employment, they make their preparations.

While travelling by riverboat they are attacked by members of the Iron Ring, though none of them appear to recognise the heroes – it would seem this was a change encounter rather than something related to their earlier escapades.

Dropped on the river bank at the ferry crossing run by Misha (and her pet bear) they find Misha’s hut empty, and soon encounter Misha’s bear, sorely injured by goblin arrows. They subdue the bear, but not before Fritha of Thor is badly wounded, but fortunately Rindala Corvinus has enough healing salve to restore her to health. She also uses her knowledge of animals to help heal the wounds of the bear. Lady Saleena of Cisterni and Grindle Littlelaugh discover, by following the bear’s trail in reverse, that Misha was slain by Goblins of the Red Blade Clan.

The rest in Misha’s hut for the night, the sound of howling wolves disturbing their nights, then make their way through the Dymrak forest to arrive at Sukiskyn on the evening of the 1st of Flaurmont. The northern palisade is ablaze and goblins are attacking!

Fighting their way through the goblins attacking the homestead they aid in the defence, with Fritha taking command. The following morning they track the horses the goblins stole, finding several of them slain, apparently in an altercation between two Goblin clans, but eventually coming across the remainder in the hands of an Elven Horse Trader who claims she bought them in good faith from some Goblins. Aeliana Maximarus is certain the woman is lying, and in league with the goblins, and her views are shared by others, but with no proof in either direction the adventurers buy the horses back from her at less than she claimed to have bought them for.

Returning to Sukiskyn, they find that men from the Illyakana Logging camp have arrived – their camp was attacked the night before Sukiskyn was, and they are the only ones who escaped – many died and others were captured and taken by the Wolfskull Goblins. Amongst those captured was Stephan, who had travelled to Illyakana to buy lumber in order to repair the weakened palisade wall that the goblins further destroyed in their attack.

The group all agree that they will search the Dymrak forest for the goblins that have captured Stephan in the hopes that he can be rescued.

To Fort Doom!
15 Thaurmont AC1002

Having agreed to venture into Fort Doom to retrieve the Eye of Traldar, our heroes are equipped with a cart full of Turnips that they will use as cover to get themselves into the Black Eagle Barony, and thence into the town of Halag, or “Fort Doom” itself.

Saleena takes off on her Steed, Midnight, along the Westron Road in the hopes of drawing out members of the Iron Ring, so that her new companions might have an easier journey. The rest leave obvious weapons and armour behind and head into the Black Eagle Barony.

After meeting with Border Guards and Gate Warders they find their contact in Fort Doom and are lead through the sewers to a meeting point. It transpires that the Baron, and his Court Wizard, Bargle, are away from the Barony, and Bargles Apprentice, Aurelian is currently examining the Eye in his tower within one of the main Fort’s outer Keeps – this provides an ideal opportunity for a snatch-and-grab.

Entering the keep through caverns beneath the keeps dungeons, they fight their way through various undead, and rescue a prisoner that was cast into the caves, who, having been a servant in the keep, is able to provide them with a map of the levels above.

Grindle Littlelaugh and Torin son of Norin’s stealthy antics acquire a guard’s uniform which Fritha of Thor uses to gain access to a Watch Lieutenant. Knocking him out, she steals his keys, gains access to the keep’s armoury and gathers more uniforms and weapons.

All but Brother Aaron, who will not wear the uniform for moral reasons and Grindle Littlelaugh who is too small for any of the uniforms to fit, disguise themselves as guards and they gain access to the central Keep.

Grindle climbs to the top floor and encounters another watch officer, who, he dispatches, while the rest of the group, bar Brother Aaron, make their way to the second floor of the tower, where they are somewhat battered by a half-orc who calls himself Kargath Bloodfist – Marius Bolday almost loses his life, but for the healing magic that Fritha is able to channel.

On the Upper Floor Grindle searches through a sack that the watch officer was filling, finding a book, a scroll case, a cloak and some notes that suggest the Eye has been moved, along with the Wizard that was examining it.

On the floor Below, the rest of the group find an elderly alchemist who begs to be taken with them when they leave the keep.

Using their uniforms once again, they hide in plain sight, returning to collect Brother Aaron from the stables, along with a number of Horses. They make their way to where the Eye is being held, overpowering its guardians they take it and flee the city, returning to Luln, meeting with Lady Saleena on the way.

Many Meetings
13-14 Thaurmont, AC 1002

By Chance or Fate, all of our heroes, bar Aeliana Maximarus meet in one of the open squares of the town of Luln, and decide to travel together to Specularum for the tournament that is to be held in honour of the Duchess’ birthday.

Once they make camp after their first afternoon of travel, Aeliana happens upon them, and shares their camp for the night.

Their rest is interrupted as a warrior, Retamaron of Verge, rides into their camp, and members of the Iron Ring attack!

They escort Retamaron to Luln, where a second attack occurs, and they learn of an artefact called “The Eye of Traldar” that has fallen into the hands of the Black Eagle Barony – should it remain there it could spell doom for Karameikos as we know it, and the wider world too!

Rindala and Saleena are both concerned that this may be one of the 12 Eyes of Arik, that the Immortal Thendara told them of, and when they mention this possibility both Brother Aaron and Fritha of Thor share their dread!

The Palace of the Silver Princess
Winter AC1000 - Winter AC 1001

Rindala Corvinus and Lady Saleena of Cisterni, as they are returning from the rescue of a newlywed bride from her necromantic groom are taken somewhat out of time by the Immortal Thendara, the protector of the Hidden Valley of Haven.

The valley she protects is under threat from a being of Immense power, known as Arik, and, due to the pact of the Immortals she cannot interfere directly with the mortal plane, and must act through intermediaries. She requests the two women take her part and save the Valley from the machinations of Arik, by destroying a ruby known as “The Eye of Arik” which will remove his baleful influence from the land.

They agree to help, and find themselves transported to the valley near the Palace of Princess Argenta, ruler of Haven. Much of the valley is swathed in a strange ruby glow, that is anathema to life, but Thendara opens up a path to the under-palace so they might gain entry.

After much searching and encountering Orcs, Insane Guardsmen, Giant Rats, Skeletal Warriors, Hungry Apes, Illusory Swords, Ageless Singers with the means to destrok the Eye of Arik, Shapeshifting Dopplegangers, Vampiric Plantlife, Dancing Ghosts and all manner of curious statues, they find a Priest, with the eye of Arik daubed on his forehead performing a ritual on a Ruby-Bladed sword. He calls for aid and his guards, Orcs led by a Werewolf, fight a delaying action while he slips away.

Injured, the two follow him and find the Ruby Eye – Rindala attempts to use the Magic of Rowena’s Lyre to shatter the Eye while Saleena fights the Priest of Arik and some Ghostly Knights.

Finding her musical talents lacking, Rindala attempts to snatch the Eye, but in doing so finds herself trapped within.

Saleena summons the last of her strength and decapitates the Priest of Arik, finding on his headless corpse a dragon-hilted blade that, from an earlier encounter, she hopes will destroy the Eye. One touch of the blade to the eye and both shatter – releasing Rindala, and the Princess Argenta and her Fiance, the Dragon Knight Ellis the Strong from the Ruby Prison.

They remain guests in Haven for some time, Saleena helping Ellis hunt down the remaining Orcs, while Rindala makes use of the court Wizards alchemical lab to create potions and enchant the Dwarf-Forged blade that was gifted to Saleena to replace the one that was damaged fighting for the safety of Haven.

Thendara then created a crystal boat to carry them from Haven into Karameikos, many miles from the village of Reedle where they first met the Immortal, they emerge in the depths of Winter, near the town of Luln and discover that it has been a year since they arrived in Haven …

The Shrine at Marlinev
Winter AC1001

Brother Aaron and Fritha of Thor return the relic, the Bell of Chardastes to the shrine of Chardastes in Marlinev, where they winter.

The return of such a relic gains them no small amount of renown.

[Urwen edit] I, Fritha met up with Brother Aaron on the road towards Luln. We shortly found out we were both going to Luln for the same Reason, to say our farewells to Brellin Feldorp.

After arriving in Luln, we found out that tragedy had struck the Feldorp family ant the wife and kids of Brellin had been murder and further disembowelled.
Father Leraith who led the ceremony urged in his speech to seek out the murders and bring them to justice.

We had already discovered some possible leads and decided to act upon them and did a scout of … Keep. Here we found several hobgoblins and a mysterious person, we managed to kill a few of the hobgoblins and managed to escape back to Luln without knowing who the mysterious person was or went to. ((More will follow))

Extract of Brother Aarons journal

The Shrine at Marlinev

Both Fritha and I send the time walking back to Luln to bring Bolday up to date with what has happened in the past thousand years. When we enter Luln Farther Leraith looks shocked and glad to see us again he pointed out that we had been gone for over a year and a half. This must have something to do with fort that Bolday came from. Fritha and I travel to Marlinev to return the Bell of Chardastes Farther Leraith asks so to return once this is done.

The Church in Marlinev and grateful to have the holy relic returned to them and praise our action in the face of adversity. Travelling back to Luln I notice now that I am having nightmares about the death of Theo. I will talk with Farther Leraith about this when I get back to Luln and see if he can help me.

In Blackest Knight
Autumn AC1001

Aeliana Maximarus and Torin son of Norin travel together from the Isle of Dawn back to Karameikos.

Most of their journey is uneventful, however one evening, while travelling through the foothills of the Altan Tepes Mountains they approach a homestead hoping to take shelter from a growing snowstorm.

The woman behind the gate at first refuses to allow them entry, but later relents, though the hospitality is scant and they are put to rest in a stable.

It soon transpires that only women and children remain in the homestead, and none will speak to the strangers. They gain the goodwill of the inhabitants by performing tasks that the men would normally deal with, using both muscle and magic, and soon learn that a tall Knight in Black Plate, with a Sword inscribed with runes, accompanied by minions with Skeletal Visages took the men of the homestead away to a mine further into the mountains.

Torin and Aeliana decide they will do what they can to rescue the men from what they presume to be a necromancer and his undead minions.

It transpires that there are no undead, rather a group of bandits using Skulls for masks, and their leader bears a sword that has had runes drawn upon it with charcoal.

Defeating the bandits they rescue the men of the homestead and reunite the families.

The Tempus
Spring AC1000 or Late Summer AC1001?

Travelling back to Luln en-route to the Shrine at Marlinev, Brother Aaron and Fritha of Thor come across a fortress near a ford that they are certain was not there when they passed this way but two weeks before. There is but a single Man-at-Arms named Marius Bolday present in the castle, and he tells a strange tale of a storm that has been causing villages to vanish.

His turn of phrase is strange and archaic, and he is unaware of the Imperial Thyatian Calendar.

He notes a storm approaching on the horizon and Brother Aaron enters the castle to shelter, though Fritha says she will remain in the courtyard.

Bolday tells of the Baron he serves, and how the castle was evacuated in the face of the encroaching storm a week past, and how he remained to guard the pennant. As the storm approaches fell voices can be heard in the air, and ghostly figures ride for the castle, trampling the man at arms to the ground – before circling the courtyard. Brother Aaron is able to heal Bolday, and he identifies the lead rider as the Baron he serves!

The storm grows worse still, and the castle begins to shake itself apart – Bolday will not leave without the Banner he swore to protect, so Brother Aaron and Fritha work to protect him while he recovers it. They leap from the battlements into the Moat, which becomes the grass of the hillside where they fall, and are able to watch in confusion as the castle flickers in and out of existence while being torn apart by a storm they can see, but not feel.

Extract of Brother Aarons journal

The Tempus

At one of the river crossings we see a fort that was not just a rubble last time we came this way. There was a banner being flown from the top that we didn’t recognise we approached the fort to be met by a man called Bolday he points out to a storm that’s coming. He opens up the fort to let me in to shelter from the storm at this a large group of horse men come riding towards us and trample Bolday I quickly heal him. This is when Bolday tell me its his Barron but we notice that they are ghosts and wraiths. As the storm hits the fort we see stones break away and up into the storm. Bolday would not leave the standard so both Fritha and I held off the ghosts and wraiths while Bolday grabs the standard. Once Bolday has the standard we jumped from the fort to moat for safety. When we hit the moat we find our selves on the grass of the were the moat was. We turn to see the fort disappear in to the sky. Speaking with Bolday we work out that he was from over a thousand years from the past. He pledges himself to the service of Fritha.

A Quiet Drink with Enemies
Summer AC1001

In the Flickering Flame Tavern in a rural part of the Western Isle of Dawn, Aeliana Maximarus and Torin son of Norin are both resting before their travels back to Karameikos.

Torin is approached by members of “Vanya’s Vandals” a Thyatian Mercenary company, one of whom recognises him from his battles in the Thyatian Arena.

Later, a group of Alphatian Mercenaries from the “Scarlet Swords” enter and begin insulting the Dwarf family that owns the Tavern, the Thyatians and generally being rowdy.

It is not long before a brawl ensues. Knowing that there are Dwarfs mining into the hillside behind the Tavern, Torin calls to Aeliana to ‘fetch the boys from out back’, something which the girl asks Hildegarde Ubermann, the proprietress to do.

As the Brawl progresses, Hildegarde runs into the Tavern, white with shock and screaming in fright chased by horribly burned and mutilated Dwarfs in mining gear who’s eyes burn with an inner flame.

The Scarlet Swords flee the tavern, as our heroes and their allies fight off these burned creatures and barricade the mine closed, but then start to hear the sounds of the remaining miners digging themselves out.

After a brief respite, they venture into the mines and find that the miners have uncovered a lost temple dedicated to dark powers. They fight off the possessed and warped Dwarfs, but not without losing one of Vanya’s Vandals to the same evil. With the aid of a Magical Rod of Negation that Torin found earlier in his travels they are able to close the source of Flame that was buried beneath the hill, and collapse the mine in on itself to keep the evil from rising again.

In Darkest Day
Winter AC1000

Rindala and Lady Saleena attend a wedding in the forested foothils of the Altan Tepes mountains near the village of Reedle in Darkokin.

The morning following the wedding the bride and groom are found to have gone missing, the wall of the bridal chamber destroyed and tracks through the snow leading into the forested hills.

They follow the trail as day turns to night, the moon passing over the face of the sun, and discover the groom preparing to sacrifice his bride in a stone circle, guarded by foul animated skeletons.

They dispatch the undead, slay the necromantic groom and are able to rescue the girl, but not before his ritual is complete, leaving a portion of the forest eternally covered in the pall of night.

Enter the Arena
Late Summer AC1000 - Spring AC1001

Grindle Littlelaugh and Torin son of Norin, travel together to Thyatis City, so that Grindle can keep the promise he made to the Lighthouse Keeper of Beacon Point.

They are trapped in the red tape of the Thyatian Senate, but do gain an invitation to a party being held by Senator Helenites Osteropolous, the senator responsible for Beacon Point.

There, Torin is introduced to an interesting drink, by an Alphatian Sorceress, that has a narcotic effect on even his prodigious constitution. He then bumps into another partygoer, drawing both himself and Grindle into a Duel. The pair win, and catch the eye of Maximarus Chrystatarius who dupes them into becoming gladiators in his employ with a contract that makes them little more than slaves!

After much training, they are initiated into the secrets of the arena, facing twisted rat-creatures in the caverns beneath Thyatis City.


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