Brother Aaron

Human Priest of the Church of Traldar from Karameikos


Played by Robin


Brother Aaron’s history.

I spent the first years of my life in almost a dream I never really was interested in the family farm. My mother taught me to read and write and we found that I had a great knack for other languages which I picked up from people passing through the village. Farther tried to get me involved with the farm but it never really worked out I just couldn’t get my head around it and he was worried what I would do in life as I was getting close to the age of the searing.

The day before my 14th birthday and the time of my searing I was walking in to town with Stephan my second older brother. We were going to get some more wood so that Stephan and I could fix one of the fences in the outer fields. This was more than likely be me talking all the time while holding things and carry things as I was never trusted with any of the tools not even a hammer. As we walked up to the lumber yard to get the wood there was a problem with one of the shelves and they broke with Stephan under them, he got hit by all the wood that was stored at the top. Stephan was screaming he had been badly hurt and was dying, I was crying trying to keep him awake while some of the villages went to get our parents. At that moment and I still don’t know why but I prayed to the three to help my brother and as I touched him I could feel energy passing through me to my brother and there was a flash of bright white light and I could see my brother healing before my eyes. Stephan looked up in shock not just at be fully healed by the touch but also as he pointed out that my hair had also change colour from the family red that we all had from birth to blond. The village priest Marcus was there he called it a miracle from the immortals and that I had been blessed with a path for the searing.

That night there was much joy at home on the farm although there is normally a celebration on the day of the searing, due to the events of the day there was a jubilant gathering of the village. I did feel a little left out even though I had healed and saved my brother Stephan, I was a little scared as I had looked at my dying brother that day. I was lucky to be there to heal him. Farther Marcus and I talked for most of the night about my future and as he put it my calling. I did spend some time with my oldest brother Pyotr he was a natural when it came to the farm and his wife Darya whom was great cook, they had never been as happy for me than that night as I had been shown the path for my future. I loved them greatly and my little sister Ariana was shocked at the change in my hair colour but loved hugging me every wind and turn just so she could touch it. Just before we went to bed that night I spoke with my farther about the day he said he had never been as proud of me as he was now.

Early the next morning I got up and left a note to my family saying that I know now what I am here to do now, that I love them all and will miss them but I am off to join the church of Traldar at the monastery of Redon.

Over the years I have been back home a few times I went to and held the wedding of Ariana my little sister to Rufus. I also been home for the funeral of my farther although this was a sad time, it was good to see the family again. Pyotr had taken over the farm they have had kids and the family was growing. I write to my mother still and she tells me what is going on with the family.

My time at the monastery was great I learnt about the church and what I could do. I was mainly found with the books and copying out the old text’s to save them. Although I had some bad luck when I tried to help my brothers at the monastery but over time my brothers stopped asking me for help. It was a great surprise to me that when the old abbot died that my old village priest Marcus applied to his post and was promoted to his place. It was a great time but the new abbot point out that it was time that I learned more of the world and that I needed to go on a mission to spread the word and to help the people of world. This is why I am on the road healing and helping people as I go for a night’s stay or a little food. Spreading the word of the three as I go.

Brother Aaron

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