Heroes of Mystara

Family Reunion

17th Tharumont - 2nd Flaurmont AC1002

Leaving Luln in order to leave the Iron Ring behind them, the group travel to Kelvin, with the intent to move further north in search of new adventures.

In Kelvin they encounter Stephan, the elder brother of Brother Aaron who is looking for guards to help drive a herd of horses from his home, Sukiskyn to Rifflian for sale.

Spending a week in the town in study or training while waiting for a river boat to take them towards their new employment, they make their preparations.

While travelling by riverboat they are attacked by members of the Iron Ring, though none of them appear to recognise the heroes – it would seem this was a change encounter rather than something related to their earlier escapades.

Dropped on the river bank at the ferry crossing run by Misha (and her pet bear) they find Misha’s hut empty, and soon encounter Misha’s bear, sorely injured by goblin arrows. They subdue the bear, but not before Fritha of Thor is badly wounded, but fortunately Rindala Corvinus has enough healing salve to restore her to health. She also uses her knowledge of animals to help heal the wounds of the bear. Lady Saleena of Cisterni and Grindle Littlelaugh discover, by following the bear’s trail in reverse, that Misha was slain by Goblins of the Red Blade Clan.

The rest in Misha’s hut for the night, the sound of howling wolves disturbing their nights, then make their way through the Dymrak forest to arrive at Sukiskyn on the evening of the 1st of Flaurmont. The northern palisade is ablaze and goblins are attacking!

Fighting their way through the goblins attacking the homestead they aid in the defence, with Fritha taking command. The following morning they track the horses the goblins stole, finding several of them slain, apparently in an altercation between two Goblin clans, but eventually coming across the remainder in the hands of an Elven Horse Trader who claims she bought them in good faith from some Goblins. Aeliana Maximarus is certain the woman is lying, and in league with the goblins, and her views are shared by others, but with no proof in either direction the adventurers buy the horses back from her at less than she claimed to have bought them for.

Returning to Sukiskyn, they find that men from the Illyakana Logging camp have arrived – their camp was attacked the night before Sukiskyn was, and they are the only ones who escaped – many died and others were captured and taken by the Wolfskull Goblins. Amongst those captured was Stephan, who had travelled to Illyakana to buy lumber in order to repair the weakened palisade wall that the goblins further destroyed in their attack.

The group all agree that they will search the Dymrak forest for the goblins that have captured Stephan in the hopes that he can be rescued.



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