Heroes of Mystara

Many Meetings

13-14 Thaurmont, AC 1002

By Chance or Fate, all of our heroes, bar Aeliana Maximarus meet in one of the open squares of the town of Luln, and decide to travel together to Specularum for the tournament that is to be held in honour of the Duchess’ birthday.

Once they make camp after their first afternoon of travel, Aeliana happens upon them, and shares their camp for the night.

Their rest is interrupted as a warrior, Retamaron of Verge, rides into their camp, and members of the Iron Ring attack!

They escort Retamaron to Luln, where a second attack occurs, and they learn of an artefact called “The Eye of Traldar” that has fallen into the hands of the Black Eagle Barony – should it remain there it could spell doom for Karameikos as we know it, and the wider world too!

Rindala and Saleena are both concerned that this may be one of the 12 Eyes of Arik, that the Immortal Thendara told them of, and when they mention this possibility both Brother Aaron and Fritha of Thor share their dread!



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