Heroes of Mystara

The Palace of the Silver Princess

Winter AC1000 - Winter AC 1001

Rindala Corvinus and Lady Saleena of Cisterni, as they are returning from the rescue of a newlywed bride from her necromantic groom are taken somewhat out of time by the Immortal Thendara, the protector of the Hidden Valley of Haven.

The valley she protects is under threat from a being of Immense power, known as Arik, and, due to the pact of the Immortals she cannot interfere directly with the mortal plane, and must act through intermediaries. She requests the two women take her part and save the Valley from the machinations of Arik, by destroying a ruby known as “The Eye of Arik” which will remove his baleful influence from the land.

They agree to help, and find themselves transported to the valley near the Palace of Princess Argenta, ruler of Haven. Much of the valley is swathed in a strange ruby glow, that is anathema to life, but Thendara opens up a path to the under-palace so they might gain entry.

After much searching and encountering Orcs, Insane Guardsmen, Giant Rats, Skeletal Warriors, Hungry Apes, Illusory Swords, Ageless Singers with the means to destrok the Eye of Arik, Shapeshifting Dopplegangers, Vampiric Plantlife, Dancing Ghosts and all manner of curious statues, they find a Priest, with the eye of Arik daubed on his forehead performing a ritual on a Ruby-Bladed sword. He calls for aid and his guards, Orcs led by a Werewolf, fight a delaying action while he slips away.

Injured, the two follow him and find the Ruby Eye – Rindala attempts to use the Magic of Rowena’s Lyre to shatter the Eye while Saleena fights the Priest of Arik and some Ghostly Knights.

Finding her musical talents lacking, Rindala attempts to snatch the Eye, but in doing so finds herself trapped within.

Saleena summons the last of her strength and decapitates the Priest of Arik, finding on his headless corpse a dragon-hilted blade that, from an earlier encounter, she hopes will destroy the Eye. One touch of the blade to the eye and both shatter – releasing Rindala, and the Princess Argenta and her Fiance, the Dragon Knight Ellis the Strong from the Ruby Prison.

They remain guests in Haven for some time, Saleena helping Ellis hunt down the remaining Orcs, while Rindala makes use of the court Wizards alchemical lab to create potions and enchant the Dwarf-Forged blade that was gifted to Saleena to replace the one that was damaged fighting for the safety of Haven.

Thendara then created a crystal boat to carry them from Haven into Karameikos, many miles from the village of Reedle where they first met the Immortal, they emerge in the depths of Winter, near the town of Luln and discover that it has been a year since they arrived in Haven …



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