Heroes of Mystara

To Fort Doom!

15 Thaurmont AC1002

Having agreed to venture into Fort Doom to retrieve the Eye of Traldar, our heroes are equipped with a cart full of Turnips that they will use as cover to get themselves into the Black Eagle Barony, and thence into the town of Halag, or “Fort Doom” itself.

Saleena takes off on her Steed, Midnight, along the Westron Road in the hopes of drawing out members of the Iron Ring, so that her new companions might have an easier journey. The rest leave obvious weapons and armour behind and head into the Black Eagle Barony.

After meeting with Border Guards and Gate Warders they find their contact in Fort Doom and are lead through the sewers to a meeting point. It transpires that the Baron, and his Court Wizard, Bargle, are away from the Barony, and Bargles Apprentice, Aurelian is currently examining the Eye in his tower within one of the main Fort’s outer Keeps – this provides an ideal opportunity for a snatch-and-grab.

Entering the keep through caverns beneath the keeps dungeons, they fight their way through various undead, and rescue a prisoner that was cast into the caves, who, having been a servant in the keep, is able to provide them with a map of the levels above.

Grindle Littlelaugh and Torin son of Norin’s stealthy antics acquire a guard’s uniform which Fritha of Thor uses to gain access to a Watch Lieutenant. Knocking him out, she steals his keys, gains access to the keep’s armoury and gathers more uniforms and weapons.

All but Brother Aaron, who will not wear the uniform for moral reasons and Grindle Littlelaugh who is too small for any of the uniforms to fit, disguise themselves as guards and they gain access to the central Keep.

Grindle climbs to the top floor and encounters another watch officer, who, he dispatches, while the rest of the group, bar Brother Aaron, make their way to the second floor of the tower, where they are somewhat battered by a half-orc who calls himself Kargath Bloodfist – Marius Bolday almost loses his life, but for the healing magic that Fritha is able to channel.

On the Upper Floor Grindle searches through a sack that the watch officer was filling, finding a book, a scroll case, a cloak and some notes that suggest the Eye has been moved, along with the Wizard that was examining it.

On the floor Below, the rest of the group find an elderly alchemist who begs to be taken with them when they leave the keep.

Using their uniforms once again, they hide in plain sight, returning to collect Brother Aaron from the stables, along with a number of Horses. They make their way to where the Eye is being held, overpowering its guardians they take it and flee the city, returning to Luln, meeting with Lady Saleena on the way.



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